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Stephanie started working at Benarda in 2001. She is the first person that will greet you in the lobby and on the phone. She wears many hats at the clinic and she is the person that can help you with whatever you need. She has a soft spot for rescuing animals in need and that is why she has four cats and five dogs. In her free time she likes to spend time with her kids, read, walk and she is currently pursuing a degree in psychology.



Terry started working at Benarda in 2001. She displays an immense compassion for animals that is very apparent in her actions at all times. She is also a passionate and talented artist who creates dazzling oil paintings which are mostly of animals. She has an extra soft spot in her heart for kittens and pitbulls. She is also an avid cyclist and lives with her husband Jeff. They have a dog Ambrose and a kitty named Ludwig (yes, she likes classical music too).



Melinda joined the Benarda team in 2004. She lives with a variety of animals including a bunch of cats, a flock of chickens and a husband named Misha. Melinda enjoys vegetarian cooking, baking, arts & crafts and gardening. In addition, she is passionate about veterinary science and animal rescue. In the future, she hopes to become a certified feline behaviorist and is always happy to lend insight when asked, "Why does my cat do that?"


Known for her sweet smile, Celina has worked at Benarda since 2005. She lives with her husband Frankie and has two beautiful little girls ages six and one year. She has two rescue cats named CC and Chippie and a Chihuahua named Buster. She is a pre-vet student at the U of A and is passionate about animals of all kinds, especially horses. In her spare time she likes horseback riding, camping and spending time with family.


One of the sweetest and quietest members of the Benarda team, Karina's gentle touch and easygoing nature make her a real treasure to work with for both clients and pets. She joined the Benarda family in 2012. She has one dog that she rescued from animal control and various rescue cats. In her spare time she enjoys reading, scuba diving, anime and hanging out with her family.


Brittany joined our team in 2015 and has radiated positivity and kindness throughout our clinic. She does tremendous amounts of rescue work and continues to volunteer at Hope Animal Shelter. She has four dogs and three cats of her own. In her free time she enjoys crocheting and spending time with her family and friends.


Amber has been with Benarda since January of 2019 !!!! She brings 7 years of varied experience to the team. She and her husband Jay are the proud parents of 2 beautiful children, Bryce (4)  and Braelyn (8mos). Outside of work she is a gym rat! Strong in many ways!



Aynsley brings a new perspective to Benarda. She taught elementary school in Tucson for 9 years and recently joined our team as our practice manager. She and her husband have 2 Mexican rescue dogs named Mushroom and Visa at home. She loves scuba diving and enjoys teaching Zumba.


Pam joined the BVH team this past November. She is a powerhouse of experience having worked in emergency veterinary care facilities for over 7 years. She brings a positive attitude, a love for live music and is the mother of two wonderful girls.


Madison is our recent high school graduate. She has worked at Benarda for a year now and most recently added Stewart; one of our rescues to her family (pictured). Stewart joins their bull mastiff Rocky (6 years) at home and her bearded dragon Rex.


Michelle is the mother of three great kids and has lived in Tucson for 4 years. She is our most recent addition and she a compassionate receptionist and a fabulous dancer. She likes to spend time with her family, teaches Zumba and loves being outside.


Melissa has been part of the Benarda family for over a year and has worked in the veterinary field for 5. She loves being a mom!! She has 2 dogs and 3 wonderful children with whom she spends any free time she has. She loves being outdoors, movies and is a self-proclaimed “foodie”.


Sarah joined Benarda 2 years ago and has a love for all animals. She has 3 bearded dragons, three cats, three dogs, a dozen fish, two rabbits and a red tail boa. She has 2 great kids and yes...they still ride 🙂

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